L u c i a F r a s c e r r a V i s u a l i z a t i o n

lucia frascerra

Lucia Frascerra is an architectural visualizer, born in Livorno (Italy) in 1988. From childhood, it became immediately evident that her passion for art and drawing would take her to attend art school, resulting in her graduation with honours from the University of Florence, faculty of Architecture.

Her interest in architectural design goes parallel with another more overwhelming passion, computer graphics for architecture. After graduation she decided to undertake a career as a 3D Visualizer, motivating her to complete the "Virtual Architecture Master" at the Italian Academy of Computer Graphics INRENDER, which will open her doors to the world of architectural visualization.

At the end of her studies, she became Post Production teacher at the INRENDER Academy, whilst working as a freelancer. In 2015 she moved to London to join DBOX, one of the most influent studios in the industry, where she worked until the beginning of 2018, when she joined Cityscape Digital, another leading company in the archviz field.

Her personal work was nominated in the CGArchitect's 3D Awards 2015 ("Snow in the City"), gained a 1st Award in the Evermotion Challenge 2015 ("Tea Time"), a Honorable Mention in the Project Soane Competition 2016 ("The Bank") and was featured in two publications of 3D Artist Italia Magazine ("Snow in the city" and "Tea Time").

In 2016 Lucia was the keynote speaker at the Architectural Visualization Day 2016 in Goteborg, Sweden, and she was chosen to be on the judging board of the CG Architect’s 3D Awards for the years 2016 and 2017, together with some of the most prominent representatives of the industry.

In 2017 she was offered to be post-production teacher at the Master in Digital Architecture (MADI) at the University of Venice (IUAV), where she still teaches every year.

In 2018 she represented the archviz industry at the UY!CG conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she was a keynote speaker.

In 2019 Lucia’s work was featured in “Great talks about photorealism”, a book by Bogdan Sasu. In the same year, she had the chance to speak at one of the most important events in the Archviz industry, the D2 Conferences in Vienna.

Today Lucia works in London for Cityscape Digital as Senior Visualisation Artist

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